Value Creation

How can we partner with Olive Capital?

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What type of businesses does Olive Capital partner with?

We partner with publicly listed and private companies that are looking to list or are already listed on the ASX. Olive Capital seek to partner with small to mid-cap companies (typically between $10-300 million market cap) that have a track record of generating shareholder returns. We primarily work with mining & resources, technology and renewable energy companies.

We also partner with ASX listed companies looking to unlock further value and raise capital for expansion. We also collaborate with sophisticated investors seeking capital growth opportunities.

Do Olive Capital use selection criteria before partnering with clients?

Yes. We perform extensive due diligence into a company and research into its market before collaborating with any future partner. We also ensure that our partners align with our values and are primarily in business to add value for all stakeholders.

What services does Olive Capital provide?

Olive Capital offers capital raising, corporate advisory, mergers and acquisitions and business research services for small to mid-cap companies looking to list on the Australian Stock Exchange or listed companies seeking to raise further capital to fuel growth.

Capital Raising

What is a Capital Raising roadshow?

A capital raising roadshow is a series of presentations aimed at raising the profile of a company to attract prospective investors. The roadshow may focus on institutional investors, investment banks, high net worth investors or retail brokers and other potential funding sources to give them an understanding about the company’s unique value proposition.

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What is involved with the Capital Raising process?

Firstly, we seek to understand the management, governance and risks associated with a business and its growth strategy. We conduct thorough research into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a business and its competitive environment before formulating an overall plan for raising capital.

We build a case for institutional investment by understanding and communicating the key value drivers of a company and by carefully selecting a price that balances aftermarket support and maximising value for existing shareholders.

Where does Olive Capital source capital from?

We source equity and debt capital from institutional, sophisticated and retail investors, finance as well as equity capital markets. We ensure the capital raising strategy maximises value for all parties and allows companies to meet their medium to longer-term objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Does Olive Capital provide merger and acquisition support?

Yes. We can assist with facilitating a transaction and providing ongoing support with expert corporate advice.

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Is a merger and an acquisition the same type of transaction?

No. A merger brings two separate companies together to form a new company. An acquisition is a transaction in which a company takes over another company, absorbing its assets, operations, intellectual property and personnel.

What due diligence is required in a Merger and Acquisition deal?

Merger & Acquisition due diligence encompasses many aspects of the deal including historical and forecasted performance of the business as a whole and its individual divisions. We can observe these trends in the operational results of the company over a period relevant to the two parties merging or the business being acquired.

Business Intelligence & Market Research

What kind of research does Olive Capital provide?

Olive Capital thoroughly researches market conditions, competitor positions, SWOT analysis, funding sources and all facets of your industry as it relates to finance, business operations and processes. This helps identify methods of unlocking value within your own company or identifying your unique value proposition.

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What is involved with business intelligence?

Business intelligence and market research comprises many different strands of data collection and analysis of business operations from a historical or forward-looking perspective. This can take the form of valuation analysis, extracting key value drivers, data and analytical visualisation and competitor analysis. The aim of business intelligence is to make better business decisions that extract value for all stakeholders.

Corporate Advisory

What type of assistance can Olive Capital provide our business?

Olive Capital provides all facets of corporate advice including corporate restructuring, business intelligence, performance monitoring, merger and acquisition strategy and finding new ways to unlock value in your business through a review of business operations or market conditions. We also provide due diligence services, company valuations, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising support and assistance with listing your business on the ASX via an Initial Public Offering.

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