Equity raisings are not just about raising capital.


Your Path To Investment

Pre-Educating and Timing the Market

  • Educating investors ahead of a capital raise allows them to track performance and buy into the opportunity
  • Well-timed capital raisings often reduce the cost of capital and therefore dilution for existing shareholders

Supporting Company Management

  • Olive Capital seek to support existing management teams to execute their business plans
  • We will seek to provide ongoing capital support to management that have delivered on their objectives

Aligning Interests

  • Olive Capital seeks the majority of their renumeration in equity
  • This helps to align our interest with that of the Company

Medium to Long-Term Share Register

  • We will introduce a number of medium to longer-term investors
  • This creates certainty and stability which forms a better environment for management teams to grow value

Identifying Key Value Drivers

  • Olive Capital will work with key shareholders to keep them informed of the company’s progress
  • Where larger shareholders are seeking to exit, we will work with them to minimize the disruption to the business
Providing Ongoing Capital Support
  • We take a longer-term view
  • Olive Capital will seek to support ongoing capital raisings where management teams have delivered on their objectives


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